I am a brand architect and corporate identity designer.

In a seemingly endless landscape of brands, be one of significance.* 

I believe

Great design is born from clarity.

Having a coherent understanding of your ideal customer, company culture and brand positioning is crucial before moving into the design phase. Your design needs to be unselfish and user driven.

My process

I’m on a crusade to help people sharpen their focus on their brand.


Conduct Research


Clarify Strategy


Design Identity


Nic Barnes

I am a Brand Identity designer based in Pretoria, South Africa, with 10 years experience in the design industry. I have worked on varying projects with large franchises as well as small start-ups around South Africa, and abroad.

My passion and specialty lies with logo and identity design, and I’m constantly studying design to ensure my craft is the best it can be.

I believe in doing good work for good people, and allowing all dogs on the sofa at all times. 

My promise to you

To deliver work that is distinctive in a sea of competition and handle your brand with care, because I understand how critical it is in today’s market place, to be  transparent as we work through the process together and to help you tell your story.

Build a brand that matters.


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Mobile: +27 82 639 7833


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