5 reasons you need to market on Facebook today.

If you’re looking for an online audience to promote your product or service, Facebook is the best place to do just that. With 1.4 billion users daily it is the largest social media platform around. Facebook has seen an increase in revenue for advertising and that’s because Facebook advertising works. You would be crazy not to harness the power of Facebook advertising.

Below we have listed 5 reasons why you really should be marketing on Facebook. 


Targeting capabilities is second to none.

Facebook has created a platform that allows you to target your ideal audience with great precision. By selecting user behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations you can fine tune your reach to prospects that are more likely to purchase your product or service.

It’s tremendously cheap.

With as little as R100 you can reach 2-3 thousand people. This is far cheaper than paid radio, TV and newspaper advertising. This is a huge benefit for your marketing budget and allows you to reach more potential clients at a lower cost. Coupled with refined targeting, you will be knocking on doors that are more likely to buy.

Facebook marketing is fast.

With a quick review stage your ad is live soon after submitting it. Once approved it drives immediate results and quickly starts generating traffic to your website.  

Increase your brand awareness.

In a world of brands you need to keep yours on the top of your prospects minds. Becoming a familiar brand leads to trust and this in turn leads to an increase in sales as people buy from brands they know. 

Increase your offline sales

Facebook is a based on being social. If you’re targeting your ads right and they are reaching the right people they will likely share that information with a friend. Word of mouth referals are the best kind of referal. 


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