VW Logo design 2019. 

The Volkswagen logo has been redesigned for the first time since 2012, the chunky logo that we’ve all come to know has been stripped down to just the bare minimum and I have to say, it’s growing on me.

This is the ninth Volkswagen logo since 1937 and is a noticable change from the last two, all dimension has been removed and they’ve opted for a flat two dimensional surface. A practical and necessary update that was well over due.

The logo was revealed at the Frankfurt car show and is intended to bring along the dawn of a new era for the company as they transition into the electric age with the introduction of the new ID.3.

Volkswagen has created a logo that is versatile and has the ability to be duplicated across all relevant platforms and maintain its form perfectly. Something I feel lacked in the previous version with the logo having to be altered for different print applications. 

This logo is testament that a logo needs to be looked at objectively. While my first impression was a subjective one with emphasis on the different line weights, my thoughts have quickly done a 180 and I appreciate what the company has achieved here. The logo is just what it needs to be and nothing more, a goal to aim for in today’s branded world.

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