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Barnes Design Co exists to bring brands into the world and to help start up business overcome the challenge of brand identity and logo design. Let’s start a conversation and grow your market share. 

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Brand Identity Design?

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors, it’s your companies unique look, it’s personality and the essence that shapes your customers perceptions of you. It’s the secret weapon in taking your business to the next level.

Logo and brand identity design for a Namibian based logistics company.

Grow your company though design

Logo  and brand identity design for signage and vehicle wrapping specialists.

Grow your company though design

Logo and brand identity design for full service dairy farm consulting, design and supply.

I craft professional logo designs for serious entrepreneurs.

Consider your logo the flag of your business, the unique identifying lock-up of imagery and text that sets your business apart from its competitors. I keep this in mind when going through my logo design process to ensure a professional, timeless, functional and purposefully crafted logo

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VW Logo 2019

VW Logo design 2019.  The Volkswagen logo has been redesigned for the first time since 2012, the chunky logo that we’ve all come to know has been stripped down to just the bare minimum and I have to say, it’s growing on me. « Back to Blog This is the ninth...

5 reasons you need to market on Facebook today.

5 reasons you need to market on Facebook today.If you're looking for an online audience to promote your product or service, Facebook is the best place to do just that. With 1.4 billion users daily it is the largest social media platform around. Facebook has seen an...

critique designer

5 reasons you need to invest in brand identity design.

5 reasons you need to invest in brand identity design. Your brand is more valuable than you may know, it's how your company is perceived by your customers, your employees and more. One needs to shape these perceptions and influence behaviour, this is how you can...

How a strong brand can make you more money.

The power of branding.Have you ever gone to a shop counter and asked for a cola, or do you ask for a Coke? We ask for a coke, well, most of us do, and instead of telling a friend to search the internet for something, we tell them to Google it. That, is the power of...

Why does a professional logo cost so much?

Why does professional logo design cost so much?You're starting a new business and after browsing through the internet for a logo designer you've eliminated the 'not so professional' looking designers and found a pro you really want to work with. You jump onto the...

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Thinking about re-branding?

Is it time to re-think your brand?Looking in the mirror and noticing you need your beard buzzed or your hair cut usually means you care about your appearance and after you've visited your 'hair aficionado' and chopped or styled your concerns, you feel quite a bit...

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