Is it time to re-think your brand?

Looking in the mirror and noticing you need your beard buzzed or your hair cut usually means you care about your appearance and after you’ve visited your ‘hair aficionado’ and chopped or styled your concerns, you feel quite a bit more confident and approachable. A brand is no different.

Lets explore a few reasons a re-brand might be on the cards.

Handing out your business card is embarrassing.

A potential client seems very interested in what you offer and asks for your business card. In the same way you have done for scores of clients before this one, you reach into your pocket, cringe, and take out your card, but as you hand it over to this new lead you awkwardly explain how the website needs to be updated. If this is you then it’s probably time for a re-brand.

You’re the same as your competition.

Branding is about standing out and being different from the competition. This is how you earn more market share. Uninspired, boring and bland brands get lost in a sea of brands and have nothing differentiating themselves from the rest. If you think you’re just like the competition then it may be a good time to re-brand.

Your brand feels over complicated.

You feel there is just too much going on, you’re drowning in a sea of your own offerings and there is no clear vision at all. It’s time to re-brand, gain clarity and narrow down your focus.  

You’re battling to raise your prices.

Does it feel like the market price for your offerings is hopelessly fixed even though material costs increase. You can fix that with a re-brand. A brand is based on customer perception, by redefining who you are you can shape the way customers think about you and raise your prices accordingly. 

Build a brand that matters.
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