Why does professional logo design cost so much?

You’re starting a new business and after browsing through the internet for a logo designer you’ve eliminated the ‘not so professional’ looking designers and found a pro you really want to work with. You jump onto the contact form, submit a request for a quote for a logo design and await the response. The conversation starts between you and the designer and a quotation is drafted and sent. Perhaps the quote is more than you had in mind, but why? Your investment, and that’s precisely what it is, an investment, into your logo design can be explained through the actual process.


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What goes into professional logo design?

It’s truly difficult to appreciate the efforts that go into a professional logo design, especially if you have no idea what those efforts are. People often think a design that is simple surely can’t have a big price tag, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Developing a simple design requires a lot of time and can be especially challenging.

When designing a logo a detailed brief needs to be created, this can be achieved by a conversation between the client and designer or through a more involved and thorough strategic process. The aim here is to narrow the focus on who the logo needs to speak to and what attributes it should display. A professional designer will ask questions based on the intended audience, the way that audience feels when interacting with the company, and what positive impact the company will have on them.  A professional designer invests time in understanding this. This type of knowledge and implementation thereof forms part of the overall cost of the logo design.

Your logo isnt’t about you, its about your audience.
Be unselfish with your logo design

The process to arrive at a simple design starts with research, the designer will scour the internet to learn more about the industry, compare competitors, eliminate and discover colour pallets and observe other industry logos. After compiling as much research as possible the designer moves to the conceptualising phase. This works much like a funnel, the idea is to sketch out as many ideas as they can think of and then narrow it down. Sometimes a designer will sketch hundreds of designs, from these hundreds of logo designs there might be 10 or so that are worth exploring further, finally choosing a final 3 and refining these.

The designer will then refine these digitally, working as hard on each one as if it were the final logo, part of refinement is testing. Ensuring the logo is practical enough to be used at different sizes and in various applications. The presentation of the new logo designs should illustrate what the final concept looks like in colour and in a single colour, how the logo works on dark and light backgrounds, how the logo scales, the responsive variations of the logo and how the logo could work in the real world by means of mockups. After logo selection and possible revisions the final logo is prepared to be sent in various formats.

Its extremely important to note that a poorly designed logo, one that more often comes at a tempting low price point will influence the growth of your business negatively. A good logo design will help grow your business and increase your share in the market.

In conclusion, if you are planning on starting a new business its crucial that you take your logo and brand identity design seriously.


Do you want to grow your company and earn more market share? You can achieve this through professional brand identity design.

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